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The Bush Administration negotiated a deal in which all American troops would leave Iraq by the end of 2011, but the Obama regime has offered to keep 10,000 troops there, according to British news this morning.

Iraqi officials, as corrupt as any client government in the Empire, have not yet made the deal, likely fearing a backlash from the Iraqi people, who have good reason to hate being occupied, but they are considering it.

President Obama doesn’t appear to want to end any of the wars, as he offers up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to cut spending as his budget deal.


Even as our government leaders beat their breast and whine about how we must protect the wealthy from being taxed, government privatization, with the taxpayer providing profits, continues.  Florida is privatizing 30 more of its prisons in order to transfer more wealth to the investment class in which one fourth of one percent own over half of all the investments.

This is being done because the private prison industry puts some of their wealth into campaign bribes.  The end result is that the wealthy will profit greatly through the increased misery resulting from privatized prisons, in which we are sometimes amazed that inmates even get food, since the rich could make more profit starving them.

The imperative today is to lock up more people, in order to provide more profit to those who are too wealthy to pay taxes.

Back in the ’70s, Mary Adelaide Mendelson wrote a book called Tender Loving Greed, which dealt with the scams unearthed in the nursing-home business — which had become a lucrative business thanks to guaranteed government money and those all too eager to skimp on granny and make a buck. In 1973, Jessica Mitford wrote Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business, a lesson we’re doomed to learn again.

You may also seen this link on our Facebook page yesterday, about the privatization of schools and the thinly veiled motive behind the establishment of charter schools: Investors who put up the money to build the charter schools get to basically virtually double their money in seven years through a 39 percent tax credit from the federal government. In addition, this is a tax credit on money that they’re lending, so they’re collecting interest on the loans, as well . . . The result is, you can put in $10 million and in seven years double your money.

As always, follow the money. The plutocrats will squeeze every penny possible out of society — and speak from the other side of their mouths in glowing terms of a “greater good.” Yeah, right.

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