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LUV Newsletter


We have so many wars going it’s hard to know where to start this morning, but Russian News has a blockbuster about Libyans dancing in the streets with joy that peace talks are taking place.  This may be causing a NATO split, as apparently the French are going their own way on the peace talks (they deny it), realizing the bombing is unlikely to do as much as diplomacy would probably do, at less cost in lives and fortune.

The piece also goes into the propaganda we’re getting about the Libyan rebels winning victory after victory and taking cities. “It appears that NATO is frustrated with the lack of progress made by the terrorist forces, even though they are being openly supported, and now apparently by French troops on the ground in Western Libya, in open breach of the UNSC Resolution 1970. On Sunday the terrorists told the French forces they were in Al Assabha, but when Libyan TV went there to check, there was no sign of them and the residents confirmed they were not in the vicinity.”

Meanwhile, in the Iraq adventure, Leon Panetta, having moved from the CIA to the Pentagon, is visiting troops there and spreading the Bush lie that our troops are there because of the 9/11 attacks. Panetta appears to be readying the American public for a longer stay, despite the fact that the government of Iraq has clearly asked that all US troops leave by the end of the year. Pretending not to know that, while in Iraq he asks of the Iraqi government “I’d like things to move a lot faster here, frankly, in terms of the decision-making process. Do they want us to stay, don’t they want us to stay.” This sets up a major confrontation, as Muqtada al Sadr has made it clear if US troops are not out by the end of the year he will revive his Mahdi Army and attack them.

And on the Afghan front, we keep seeing signs that the propaganda about success there is greatly exaggerated, with President Karzai’s brother’s death yesterday the latest event, closely following the 19 deaths by the hand of the Taliban at the highly-protected Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul. Wali Karzai was on the CIA payroll, a powerful governor, a powerful drug runner, but the Taliban claimed responsibility for his death by (they say) influencing Sardar Mohammad, a bodyguard, to do the murder.

Wali Karzai was one of the most protected people in Afghanistan, and the Intercontinental Hotel one of the most protected buildings, so it would appear the Taliban are attempting to show they are clearly in control everywhere. We said at LUV News before the invasion of Afghanistan began that it was first of all wrong, but secondly a stupid idea to invade the graveyard of empires.